Embedded Software & Intelligent

Industrial control, office equipment, medical electronics, automotive electronics, communication devices, and sensing devices, among others.

System Management Zone

Conference systems, nationwide network systems, conditional access systems, user operation support systems, user management systems, comprehensive network management systems, billing management software, encryption and decryption, customer service center systems, and more.

System Solutions Zone

E-government, smart cities, enterprise management, electronic finance, and the convergence of the three networks, among others.

loT Software Zone

Advanced manufacturing, smart environmental protection, intelligent transportation, smart disaster prevention and control, smart agriculture, intelligent public safety, smart healthcare, smart logistics, smart grid, smart home software, and more.

Internet Services

Online software services (SaaS), internet content services, web application services, internet value-added services, e-commerce, and more.

Software Info Services Zone

Information technology outsourcing, process outsourcing, research and development outsourcing, design outsourcing, backend services, financial management outsourcing, cloud computing, software maintenance, software testing, integrated circuit design, training, consulting, custom development, and more.

Industrial Software Zone

Industrial software and solutions, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) comprehensive solutions, mobile Internet, inter-process communication (IPC), M2M (Machine to Machine) technology, Zigbee technology, information system integration, measurement and testing, and more.

Virtual Reality & Simulation Software Zone

3D interactive systems, 3D graphics, virtual reality workstations, non-linear/video editing stations, computer-aided design, manufacturing, and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software; simulation and analysis software, modeling software, virtual product development (VPD), and more.

Application Software Zone

General software, applications for various industries such as weather, electricity, communication, energy, finance, transportation, healthcare, education, financial software, Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), CAD/CAM, Product Data Management software (PDM), and more.

Basic Software Zone

Operating systems, middleware, integrated office suites, BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), utility software, and development platforms, among others.