10-12 July 2024

Ho Chi Minh SKYEXPO Convention Center

International Consumer Electronic & information Technology Expo


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Why Visit or Join Our Exhibition

Venturing into Vietnam: Tapping into ASEAN's Hottest Market

By joining this exhibition, you’ll get the inside scoop on the latest mobile electronics and information technology trends, supercharging your business growth.

Seize Lucrative Market Access Opportunities

Thanks to its prime location and business-friendly atmosphere, Vietnam welcomes joint ventures, cooperative projects, and sole investments. This paves the way for you to expand your business, find new customers, and stay ahead of market trends.

Harness Highly Competitive Low-Cost Labor

With a population of 98.26 million and a global ranking of 15, Vietnam offers access to a young and cost-effective workforce. With 50.58 million active TikTok users and a robust port infrastructure, there's significant potential for industrial collaboration within the RCEP.

Tap into the Rapidly Growing E-commerce Market

According to Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade 2022 statistics, 74.8% of internet users in Vietnam engage in online shopping. In 2022, Vietnam's e-commerce revenue reached approximately $13.2 billion, marking a 15% increase compared to 2021.

Engage in Deep, Mutually Beneficial Interactions

Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and potential partners, sharing experiences and propelling business growth. You can also immerse yourself in innovative products and solutions, offering your customers the best choices.

Fast-track to grow with industry leaders – don't miss out!

Journey Alongside High-quality Electronics Businesses


With over 340 malls and stores across 40 provinces nationwide, it has ranked first for two consecutive years in the Top 10 Well-Known Retail Companies.

The Gioi Di Dong

Established in 2004, it owns 478 mobile phone stores and 37 large consumer electronics stores, in addition to its online e-commerce presence.

Cho Lon

A pioneering supermarket in the Vietnamese electronics and appliance retail sector, offering products from global leaders like Toshiba and Midea.


A Singapore-based e-commerce platform specializing in introducing foreign brands to Vietnam, catering to the domestic demand for imported goods.

Dien May Xanh

Founded in December 2010, it has over 700 nationwide stores selling phones, electronics, and small appliances.


Established in 2000, it holds assets worth billions of dollars, with 60,000 sales points and over 500 essential home appliance products.


Vietnam's first electronic shopping center, the largest in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring home appliances from renowned global brands.

Mai Khoi

Engaged in direct import and distribution of home appliances, assembly and distribution of water purification equipment, and supplying all electrical products, cooling, and industrial electrical solutions.

DVNPT Technology

A core unit of VNPT Group in the technology sector, with sales exceeding 10 million products, including telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.

FPT Shop

Founded in 2012, it primarily sells digital 3C and IT products and holds the top market share in the laptop segment.

An awe-inspiring, comprehensive array of products - everything you need!

Over 20+ Specialized pavilions for Electronic Consumer Goods

Computers, Mobile Phones,& Peripheral Products

Mice, keyboards, data cables, coolers, USB drives, laptops, mobile phones, selfie sticks, screen protectors, phone cases, etc.

Personal Lifestyle Electronics

Small fans, personal care products, beauty devices, electronic massagers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, hairdryers, curlers, etc.

Outdoor Electronic Products

Outdoor power sources, sports and health products, personal mobility devices, hoverboards, electric scooters, drones, recorders, etc.

Smart Wearables

Smartwatches, smart wristbands, smart glasses, wearable cameras, smart scales, live streaming devices, fitness trackers, etc.

Smart Home & Entertainment Electronics

Entertainment audio-visual equipment, VR/AR, electronic gaming products, gaming controllers, gaming keyboards and mice, esports gaming products and accessories, electronic toys, car electronics, and in-car entertainment products, etc.

Mobile Audio Products

Home entertainment home audio systems, pro audio products, cables, and accessories, TWS true wireless Bluetooth products, in-ear and over-ear headphones, and other audio-visual devices.

Mobile Fast Charging Products

Portable energy storage power sources, outdoor power sources, USB PD chargers, wireless chargers, USB-C charging cables, Lightning charging cables, mobile energy storage products, fast-charging cables, fast-charging adapters, multi-port chargers, mobile power sources, etc.

Computer Products & Accessories

PCs, laptops, netbooks, iPads, PDAs; various peripheral products like monitors, scanners, printers, etc.; computer components such as CPUs, motherboards, and handwriting devices; digital communication terminal equipment, and more.

Connecting Innovations: Vietnam's Largest Electronics Showcase

Vietnam is preparing to host its largest consumer electronics trade show, with more than 1,500 exhibitors from 10 countries. AFC, a leading exhibition group in Vietnam, is partnering with the Ministry of Information and Communications to co-host the event. High-tech companies, including members of the Quality Tech Solution Complex and the Computer Industry Association, will showcase their products and engage in procurement negotiations with Chinese exhibitors. The venue for this event is SKYEXPO, Vietnam’s largest exhibition center, with modernization set to be completed by May 2024, making it Vietnam’s largest and most modern exhibition venue.

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